Surprise News

Newlands has been shortlisted for a Love Energy Award. We will know on the 13th July if we have won but are delighted to have made the shortlist:

The following notice was sent to us from Love Energy:

Businesses of every shape and size, all over the UK entered the awards, letting us know how they were doing their part to promote energy efficiency in the work-place.From installing LED lighting to implementing comprehensive CSR policies, from cardboard recycling to wood burners, the lengths nominees have been going to in order to save the environment (and money) has been frankly astounding.

However, after much debate the shortlists for the Awards are as follows:

SME Saver

Newlands Adventure Centre Ltd

Bluebell Fitted Furniture Ltd

House of Strauss Ltd

Earth Save Products Ltd

Super Saver

Adactus Housing Group

Keel Row Shopping Centre

The Galleries Shopping Centre

Landmark Environmental

Innovative Saver

Bolton Market

Romford Shopping Hall

Click Hearing

Heatsavr Canary Islands

Stars of the Future

The University of Salford

The University of Bradford

Lipson Community College

The University of Cardiff

The winners are due to be announced w/c 13th July.

About the Love Energy Awards

Energy price comparison specialists, Love Energy Savings, are on a mission to discover the most energy-savvy businesses from all over the UK and recognise their dedication to efficiency by bestowing a Love Energy Award upon them.

Love Energy Savings want to learn about businesses that endeavour to curb their energy consumption on a consistent basis.

Regardless of the nature of your business, there are always ways to lower your energy costs and be more environmentally friendly.

Winning a Love Energy Award could be a huge asset to any organisation. Businesses that make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint, whether it’s a fancy CSR policy, or are simply spending 5 minutes a day thinking of how you can make a difference, Love Energy Savings believe you should be recognised and congratulated for your efforts.

Date posted June 22nd, 2015